School Sports Solution

Complete workflow featuring instant reply


More and more schools are looking for ways to broadcast or stream their sporting events. This workflow provides instant replay as a primary feature to a complete video production solution. Our portable solution that includes SE-650 Stream and Record GoKit and REPLAY GoKit make it possible to have fast setup time and high-quality broadcast production. The REPLAY GoKit allows you to easily mark your in and out points using the jog shuttle dial on the RMC-400 to create a highlight clip, use the T-Bar to control the speed, and press one button to replay. Easy to use SE-650 video switcher is ideal for novice students to operate and use the NVS-30 to stream and embed the video to your school website as well as record to a USB or SD card.

Key Features

► Instant Replay
You no longer need to spend a lot of money to add instant replay to your school sports productions. REPLAY GoKit includes HDR-10 and RMC-400, which allow you to do instant replay at various speed as well as create highlight reels for your star athletes.

► Portability
This workflow includes two GoKits that allow you to easily roll in to your gym, stadium, or field and quickly set up all the equipment. Once the game or match is over, all the equipment can be packed right back into the durable rugged cases with custom cut foam, which protects the equipment. The Cases can then be easily placed inside a cabinet inside a classroom or office for security.

Workflow Diagram