Public Announcement Solution

Complete portable workflow that uses HDBaseT technology to reduce wiring


If you want to produce and share the public announcements made by the city officials outside of the City Hall, look no further than the HS-1500T workflow with the 3 Camera GoKit. This solution is portable, which makes it easy to transport equipment and the all-inclusive HS-1500T HDBaseT hand carried video switcher allows switching, camera controlling, and monitoring without the need to add extra equipment or cables. The HDBaseT technology in this workflow allows power over Ethernet along with transmitting HD video, tally, and control over single Cat-6 cable. You no longer need to worry about finding local power for each camera while you are shooting outdoors.


Key Features

► HDBaseT
HDBaseT allows easy installation, which leads to quick setup and tear down time.

► All-inclusive Video Switcher
A product that lets you switch, control, and monitor your camera sources. It’s easy as 1-2-3.

► Portability
This workflow is consisting of a hand carried video switcher and a 3 Camera GoKit, which allow you to easily roll outside of the building and quickly set up all the equipment. Once the event is over, all the equipment can be packed right back into the durable rugged cases with custom cut foam, which protects the equipment during transport.